About Stellar Boats


We are an enterprising team, with many years experience in the sector and an improved and renewed vision and commitment to make your holiday unforgettable.

Our passion for the sea has led us to attain all the necessary nautical qualifications, such as: Port pattern, height pattern and professional recreational pattern;

We also have experience in the fishing sector, recreational diving and nautical water-sport.

We have all the current nautical training courses such as: Basic training, initial and advanced health training, fire fighting, rescue boats, passenger ships and restricted distress operator of the global distress system (GMDSS) ...

At your disposal we have unlicensed boats, motor and sailing boats, private excursions, group excursions, cave tours, fishing trips, speedboats etc.

Located to the north of Mallorca, specifically in the port of Alcudia. We offer our services around the whole island, with a close and familiar treatment.